• Start
    Caprarola, Palazzo Farnese
  • Finishing line
    Sutri, Piazza del Comune
  • Length
    19 km
  • Difficulty
  • How to get
    Taxi from Caprarola to Sutri (25/30 minutes)

The stage

The “Variante Cimina” of the Via Francigena was used by pilgrims in the Middle Ages, at the time of the incursions of the Normans and the Saracens. Recently it has been completely cleaned up, arranged and the signage has been restored. It rejoins with the main route of the Via Francigena in Sutri.

The Viterbo-Vetralla and Vetralla-Sutri stages are replaced by the Viterbo-Caprarola and Caprarola-Sutri stages.

Since they are not standard steps, if you are interested in following them, you must indicate this in the notes on the booking form or in the information request email.

The second stage of the Variante Cimina of the Via Francigena is shorter than the first (about 20 km) and has a very small height difference. It starts from Caprarola and runs along the Lake of Vico, from which you then move away to reach the town of Ronciglione.

Leaving from Ronciglione you cross the Cassia Cimina, you pass by Colle Diana and you get to Sutri, this time from the northern part of the town. Continuing towards the Via Cassia you can visit the Roman Amphitheater and the archaeological park.

Interest Point

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